Who are we?

The history of sail.me

and how it all started

The concept was born FEB.2018

Back at the beginning of 2018, we wanted to make boat-renting websites much more user-friendly, to ease the whole process of both renting and publishing a boat for renting. That’s when the idea emerged.

APR.2018 Team assembled

By the beginning of April 2018, the hardest task was completed - finding the best people to assemble what would become the project’s team.

sail.me JAN.2019

At the beginning of 2019, the name sail.me was chosen and www.sail.me was acquired after a long dispute and research of what would be the best brand name and domain.

FEB.2019 The first boat

In February 2019 the first boat was launched on the website. We were so excited to have our first boat in one of the World’s most gorgeous boating destinations - Miami!

The first booking MAR.2019

It took less than a month for our first customer to pick his boat and make the first-ever booking on sail.me.

MAY.2019 sail.me iOS App

Our next goal was by the end of May to launch the sail.me app for iOS. We assembled the essentials from the website and made the whole process of publishing, searching for and booking a boat from the app feel extra smooth and easy.

sail.me Android App SEP.2019

Starting from May 2019 sail.me was working on the Android App which was released by the end of September 2019.


sail.me is a community built by boat lovers for boat lovers.
Becoming part of that community will give you the ability to enjoy features like:


As a Traveler

  • discover and plan all your future adventures onboard the world’s best boats;
  • find your next favorite boating location in our Boating Destinations;

As a Boat owner

  • list your boat and rent it out - the easiest way to start earning from it;
  • manage your reservations, messages, payments and availability calendar;

When you seek help

  • share experience with other boat lovers across the Globe in our community;
  • search and resolve issues in our help center;
Go set sails!